About us

Our activities can be best described as the idea of coming back to our home country but also as a wish to contribute to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The main motive of starting the project and company TIC – Tuzla International Company was the experience we gathered all over the world joined with the love for our country.

TIC – Tuzla International Company is headquartered in Sarajevo and operates in several fields.  The first field is Business Consulting that is directed and specialized at professional support to companies and entrepreneurs from abroad who want to invest or run a business in our country.
The second field is a representation of global companies from various sectors.  And, the third, foremost important field, a representation of Bosnian Herzegovinian companies to foreign markets.

Human potential, well-educated and responsible youth, business opportunities, unused potentials and an opportunity for building a positive working environment were motives for founding TIC – Tuzla International Company and we made our mission to bring these values closer to you.

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Capital Tower, Džemala Bijedića bb, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina